About Me

By day I'm a freelance web developer, and have worked in the industry since graduating university in 1997. I've spent many years working in Classic ASP and since 2007 have progressed to PHP. I run a professional blog discussing various elements of web development, and all things Internet, at my main website.

In the early hours of the morning, and some nights, I can often be found at my local PureGym working out and having a blast in Spin class. I loved cycling as a child and teenager and, as I don't own a bike at the moment and find that the local area is much flatter than my native North Downs in Kent, I enjoy the challenge of Spin classes. Other than a weekly Spin class I don't do any cardio, I lift weights. I'm a relatively recent convert to low-carb, but since conversion I've been described as a "Carb Fascist"!

I decided to write this blog because a large number of friends and family have asked how I've achieved such a fantastic weight loss and kept the weight off, and I wanted to share my experiences with everyone. I've been asked many times, once I hit my natural lean state, why I keep on with Personal Training, working out and eating my 'freaky' diet so I decided to write a blog post about Paleo and the things I've learnt through my journey - including when I 'fell off the Paleo wagon'. After the success of that post, I decided to make a full blog about what I've learnt and how I eat, hoping to both educate and inspire others, and hopefully dispelling some of the myths & common misconceptions people have about exercise & diet.

The information in the blog is based on my experiences and the information I have learned through Paleo journey both from Stuart, my Personal Trainer, and from further reading around various tips and interesting insights that he has provided me with. Being interested in science I find myself naturally interested in how the body works, how the foods we eat effect it. With that knowledge I find a greater understanding of why this way of life works for me, and how I can get the best results for my body and my health.

I'm a total geek. I love computers and console gaming. I'm rediscovering my love of photography, in part thanks to acquiring a DSLR and in part thanks to Instagram. I take photos almost everywhere I go, and now maintain a photography website. And on top of all that, when I get time I love to ski. In fact, my happy place is on a pair of skis on any snow - from the indoor slope at Sno Zone, Castleford to my favourite little French Alpine village.

I love to travel, and my favourite cities in the world are Cardiff, New York and Paris. I've visited quite a few countries, but have a lot more I'd love to see in the world. My favourite country is, and always has been, France and I'm trying to revive my A-Level French in time for my next ski holiday.

And when I'm not at the gym, writing blogs, taking photos, skiing, practicing my French or visiting Cardiff, I'm usually found walking in the local area -with or without my dog - or putting my feet up and watching science documentaries, crime dramas, thrillers, sci-fi shows and foreign language dramas on my TiVo or NetFlix.